21 days. That’s what it takes to break or create a habit in our lives.

It is proven.

And it is hard for the first week…and to give it a real go, you need to speak about it, invite accountability in, share the load with others; but once you reach the 3 week mark, you’re golden… its a “gift” of sorts.

So with the “gift” in mind, we worked backwards…and on December 4th- 24 of us threw out different habits, goals and new normalness that we would love to see by Christmas Day.

We literally took turns getting up to sketch the “habits” we wanted to make, or break, on a white board during core drills. They looked a little like this:

No soda.

More water, less booze.

No late night snacking.

Only 2 glasses of wine. Leave the cork.

More patience with the kids.

5 workouts every week.

Earlier to bed.

Up by 6:30am everyday.


Less negative self talk.

This list went on and on…some people knew just what to say, they knew exactly what they were after.

Others waited until the core drills sucked just enough, that writing on the board served as a good break. Whatever the route- we packed a poster board with commitments for all to see and for each of us to look forward to on December 25th.

You put it out there. We all saw it. We’ve got you.

Myself included.

We didn’t wait until the 1st of the month, 1st of the year, or a Monday; it was a Thursday, in early December, before the hustle-bustley holiday season.


So we are just a few days away, I feel so much better- my habit is no longer and I needed to have some awesome people around me doing the same thing to make it happen. Thank you- I’m so proud of this group.

So if you’re out there with something you’d love to drop or pick up in your life…don’t wait, start now- find some good people who are in and keep thinking about day 22.

10 minute tidy

So my husband cleaned out the freezer yesterday.

cleaned. it. out.

It took him 10 minutes, but it literally changed our week.

He was so pumped that he could do so much in such little time. Something that we gripe about all the time, was fixed, gone, borderline beautiful after just 10 minutes of focused, intense attention. We both literally had our fists up in the air.


So I started looking around, scrolling for new micro mini projects, wondering what else could be transformed in my world with a set amount of low expense focus. 10 minutes is cheap in this surging, multi-tasking, get it all buttoned up everywhere you can world. I could give a tour around my house of things that could use just 10 minutes of my attention. I walk past them, I skip them, I laugh about them over wine. We all have them.

I live a good portion of my days in 60 second intervals- how have I not implemented the 10 minute tidy more often?

I walked up to THE stack of papers and catalogs and billsy stuff- I gave myself JUST 10 minutes. “EVERYTHING HAS A HOME!” was my mantra as I trashed, sorted and filed what has been piling up next to my laptop.

I returned phone calls to friends that have been in my voicemail for days. Guess how long that took?

The tubs of kids clothes- omg the tubs of clothes…. well I gave myself just 10 minutes to chip away, and I was actually impressed and excited about what can be done in that time frame.

The pantry… 10 minutes. Wow.

Laptop desktop cleanup. Incredible.

All the while I kept thinking, I know this has power outside of this house.

So I left the house and I called my dad. I talked to him, for 10 minutes. Amazing.

I picked up my daughter from school and left my phone somewhere else on purpose. I checked out her new playground with her and listened to stories about lunch and what she wants to do for her birthday party in March.

I then wondered what would happen to my workout if I focused on only one muscle group for 10 minutes. My abs……. my ass……. so sore.

I’ll take it.

Our offices are always so fun and actually, pretty tidy- but I gave myself the cheap deadline and did what “I’ve been meaning to” and those things that I “hadn’t crossed off my list”… I delivered bulletproof coffees (YES) to my hubby and the team, revised a proposal that had just been sitting there, finalized an invoice and…. that was that. All in a itty bitty focused effort. Nice.

I drove errands around Park City not talking, just driving and taking it all in. My phone was somewhere, who knows. 10 minutes of the beauty of this town can recharge your mind and soul.

I took all of my kids on a walk to get the mail before dinner. No phone, just toddler chatter amongst the 3 of them. “WHY are we walking to the mail”… “can YOU carry me”… I watched them walk, listened to them talk, said thank you to the heavens. It only took about 10 minutes…

So my takeaway here is this… the projects and things that require hours of focus and attention are separate and who knows when we get to THOSE. But the 10 minute tidy- applied in nearly any facet of your village, is awesome and totally satisfying.

Like writing this blog…I was almost certain it wasn’t going to happen today… but then I sat down,

and gave it ……10 minutes.

What can we tidy next?

ready. set. BEAU.

They say that what you THINK about during your DOWNTIME is what you are really passionate about.

“They” say that… but here’s the thing, I kind of agree…when I have downtime.

I mean, aside from the day to day operational plan for my life and fostering the well being of 3 kids, a husband and my overall village; my mind wanders often about ALOT; but it dwells in the same spot a lot of the time. A blurry combination of health, family, fitness, music, hospitality, helping people, good food, camaraderie, travel, life hacks, creativity, drink specials, soulful insight, clever anything etc. Who’s with me?

ALL of these things can get and keep my attention SO well. WHAT do you do with that?

I wish I could remember important history dates or authors the way my mind knows song titles and their artists; or if I could only keep track of political policies the way that I can retain fitness drills and favorite hotel lobbies, but it has just never been that way.

It’s a gift and a curse.

But again, back to the quote up top..

It turns out, these are just some of the things I really dig IN ADDITION to my family village.

So there’s a whole buffett of things I love and lately, I’ve decided to pull something cohesive together to gather them all.

Add “creative projects” to the above list.

I decided to take a step to give them all a place to dwell in my life more than just in my mind, whenever I can….

Cases in point:

I never thought I’d blog… but now I am gonna start (sorrrta).

I haven’t had a real site for my fitness pursuits or to interact with my participants… but now I am setting ‘em up.

I’ve wanted to compile some creative plans for my kids, myself and my community, so I thought I’d set myself up a home base. Check.

I’ve always kind of kicked around the idea of doing private group training with a little flair of hospitality & team atmosphere… so today’s the day I’m giving it a gutsy go.

Now, I’m not setting the world ablaze or providing any sweeping insight here, clearly.

But.. I will say, I am excited to create a legacy of sorts for my village, to join some amazing people in their pursuits and that at the end of the day, when my mind circles back to those things that I am passionate about, I’ll feel like I am living in the thick of them.

SO …let’s THINK about the things we think about and what we think about THEM.

Is it time to give what hangs around in our minds a new home?

Go get after it.

Out you BEAU!